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Thread: Got Hit Yesterday!

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    Got Hit Yesterday!

    I was between two SUVs leading coming off a highway off ramp which was becoming part of a ramp for another exit yesterday. While riding and waiting to merge onto the highway a small red car must not have seen the bike and rider (me) in the space between them. Just before the vehicle entered my space, I saw the car in the mirror and made a brief attempt to get out her way (a young woman was driving). Next thing I knew, I was hit and the driver went into the passing lane. The bike wobbled back and forth a number of times but I managed to keep it upright. The left foot peg seemed to be missing. I rode along a bit beside her and then behind, with her in the passing lane and me in the fog lane, wondering where we'd pull over to exchange information as there was no immediate safe location to do so. She then booted it out of sight and took a turn off road. I didn't get her license # as I thought I'd get that when we'd pull over.

    About ten kilometres or so down the road, I pulled over at gas station to see if I still had the side stand tang; I did but no footpeg. Got off the bike and the foot peg plate and missing foot peg were the only damage. Rode home for the on back roads for an hour and a half, with feet sometimes dangling down, sometimes perched on the passenger pegs.

    Weird things are that my foot received no contact or injury and I felt no fear nor anger, just relief that what could have been terrible was quite manageable.

    It was somewhat ironic that yesterday was the day that I had just completed riding 300,000 kms with no accidents (until the young lady with the red car bumped into me.) 2022 Foot Peg Plate Damage.jpg
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    Wow...that's pretty scary and glad it did not cause you to crash, and that you are ok.

    I have to wonder if she even knew she hit you...whether for a "valid" reason (could there be one?) or because she was just oblivious to what was happening around her.

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    Glad to read that you're ok. It's bad enough that people don't keep a proper lookout, but much worse when some won't even stop after they cause an collision.

    There's usually a good reason people don't stop and exchange information, i.e., no insurance, no valid driver's license, intoxication, outstanding warrants, etc. You're one lucky person. That collision could have really messed up your foot.


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    yowza! very lucky it was not worse. glad you are ok.

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    Surprised you were able to keep the bike upright. You have good skills.
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    Ditto regarding the good riding skills.


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    Man, glad you are still good.

    Too bad you couldn't share on YouTube.

    It would be a learning lesson for a great many!
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    That's why among other reasons that I have front & rear cameras on all of my vehicles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saddleman View Post
    That's why among other reasons that I have front & rear cameras on all of my vehicles.
    What camera and recording system is used? Same on all vehicles? I have noticed that a number of bicycle riders have always-on cameras on their bikes to record accidents.

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    Good to hear you kept the motor up and no personal physical injuries sustained.
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    Happy for you

    I am happy for you that you made out as well as you did due to your skill in riding. Give thanks to God you are in good shape! LOL, I am recovering from my own accident in which I totaled my bike and a car. A few seconds of distraction while waving at a couple of bikers on the side of the road and I rear ended a stopped car in front of me. I am just about at the three hundred mile BMW mark. This is the third time on the pavement and the first that is entirely my fault. Again thanks be to God I am walking and talking. St.

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    Glad you are fine!!👍 Unfortunately you are another hit and run victim as well. I can't stand those cowards!
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    Glad you escaped with no injuries, just some damage to the bike (which is bad enough).

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    The fact that you stayed upright speaks volumes to your accumulated riding skills.

    Glad you came away unscathed.

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    She knew she hit you. Probably no license or insurance.

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