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Thread: Anybody Using the Weiser lights?

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    Anybody Using the Weiser lights?

    Winterís coming so time for mods. Iím looking to upgrade visibility on my GS 1200. The Weiser replacements for the OEM turn signals seem like a good option.
    Looking to hear from anyone using them for their impressions, opinions, pros, cons, etc. Thanks all.

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    Ok, brain cramp. Forgot to research the topic before I posted. Lots of good info there already. Sorry.

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    Kewl! Maybe you saw some threads in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen.

    Let us know how things work out for you.
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    I run Weiser directionals on the 16RS. Very easy to install, and they are much brighter. The easier I can be seen the better
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    I have the indicator replacements on my 2018 R1200 GS. I'm happy with them as well as their customer service. The plain turn signal replacements are plug and play. However, the dual function lights (front have white lights and the rear have brake lights) would require some additional wiring.
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    I have a bit of experience getting lit up using Bud Weiser lights but they do not last long

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    Been using them on my Rninet for 4 years. Can't say enough good about them.
    Just added a set to my airhead too.
    Their customer support is second to none.

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