I bought this product and want to install. There is the main larger cover plate and a small angle bracket/plate that bolts onto it on the back side. They include a 3/4 by 4 stripe of thin foam with self adhesive back. And a 1/2 by 2-3 harder vinyl or rubber self adhesive strip. The instructions related to placement of the padding are very unclear. I expected more from a German company. The diagrams suggest that pieces of the thin foam be placed on the main plate and smaller angle bracket so that they face each other. But once you start to bolt the smaller angle bracket on these two pieces of foam would never touch each other. Conversely, the part of the angle bracket/plate that might rest against the MC housing shows no foam or rubber strip being placed on it. In fact, based on the diagram pictures it is not clear what the harder rubber self adhesive part is used for. I suppose I could just use my best judgement, but after spend $95 for the part I would like to place it properly.

Yes, I have sent an email to Wunderlich several days ago with no response as yet.
If anyone has installed and figured out how to use the foam or rubber properly I would appreciate knowling. Thx, stephen