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Thread: 2016 r 1200 gs brake bleed.

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    2016 r 1200 gs brake bleed.

    So I recently purchased speed blenders for my bike. I installed them blead the front brakes then went to the rear. Blead the rear and now I canít get any pressure back to the rear brakes. They will not pump up at all. Iíve blead them before with o issues. Anything I could be missing? Thank you in advance.

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    Faulty Speedbleeder? Maybe the little shutoff thingy inside the bleeder isn't working?

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    Above will get a better response in the Wetheads section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    Above will get a better response in the Wetheads section.
    Sometimes the Moderators will leave a post like this in a section like Motorrad for a while. Especially if itís a memberís first post. It keeps them from losing track of where they posted.
    It will be moved in a couple of days.
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