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Thread: 2004 R1150R No Start - Has spark, fuel, turns over, and replaced HES

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    2004 R1150R No Start - Has spark, fuel, turns over, and replaced HES

    I have a 2004 R1150R with a current 23,000 miles on it. A few months ago, it began to give me minor issues that turned into a no-start situation.

    Problem Background
    The first indicator of a problem occurred when I was leaving work. The bike was cold and the "choke" was pulled in all the way in. It struggled to start and died unless I gave it gas. After warming up, the bike did not have any noticeable issues and I was able to make it home.

    Two weeks later, I was leaving my home for a ride and the bike died about a mile away and has not started since.

    I first tested the following:
    All four spark plugs -> Non-consistent spark
    Fuel injectors -> visible fuel spray
    Fuses -> All fine
    Relays -> All fine
    Fuel Pump -> I could hear it whirling when the bike was started
    Side Stand -> Side stand was up and the bike was in neutral
    Starter Motor -> I could hear the starter motor. I also removed the cover behind the front wheel to expose the alternator belt. When the bike was trying to start, the alternator belt would move.
    Battery voltage -> New battery with a voltage around 12.9V.
    Kill Switch -> Seemed to be functioning because I could toggle it on and off and hear the fuel pump whirl on whenever kill switch was in "On" position.

    Based on these tests, I assumed that the HES (Hall Effect Sensor) had failed. I removed the sensor and sure enough, one of the two HALL sensors had failed (tested using this).

    I replaced the HES with a brand new and tested HES sensor. I reassembled the bike and it still won't start.

    I retested the following:
    All four spark plugs -> All had spark
    Fuel injectors -> Visually see fuel spraying out of both
    Fuel Pump -> Can hear it whirl during start. I can also manually crank the motor and here it start
    All fuses -> Good, tested each for continuity
    All relays -> Good
    Reset Motronic -> Pulled relay 5 for 5 minutes to reset Motronic just in case
    Side Stand -> Was up and bike was in Neutral

    The bike will turn over but will not start

    Does anyone have ideas on what I should test next? I greatly appreciate any help in solving this issue.

    Thank you!
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    Theme here:

    Pull, push, bang, blow.

    Happens in the same place but at different times.

    Poor compression(valves/rings/piston) could be an issue.

    Skipped timing chain, skipped cam chain, and on it can go.

    Do a compression test, wide open throttle, plugs out, minimum cranking speed of 175 rpm.

    Do not condemn your engine if you don't get "book" results.

    A compression test is a starting point only.
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    It's possible to get the timing of the HES just a bit off when reinstalling it, or the crank pulley for the alternator belt (which is where the timing rotor lives). Did that on my bike once and it wouldn't start until I took the pulley off, reinstalled it extra carefully, and torqued the pulley bolt to the right spec.
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    Have you tried to start using starter fluid? Empty the tank and put a couple of gallons of fresh gas?
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    Spark coils

    2004 Test the coil sticks. Pull one and install an extra spark plug in the end. Hold the plug a little off a good ground (Bolt Head). Extend the gap between the plug and ground about an inch to inch and a half while turning over the engine, you should see a good spark jumping across. If you do not see a spark jumping between the plug and ground it's bad. Note you maybe getting a spark jumping at first when at 1/4 to 1/2 inch but it isn't strong enough. Replace both spark coils, they aren't cheap.

    Easy test at no cost.
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    Sounds like you have a timing issue.
    You need to confirm that the Hall sensor rotor tang is correctly indexed in the crank slot.
    The bolt needs to be torqued to 50nm. If not, the rotor can slip out of time.
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