I wanted more brake light; the Admore bar seemed like the best bet. That said, I doubt I'd use the wired version again as it was a pain to install. The bluetooth version is probably all you need. Admore suggests drilling a hole for the wiring harness for their light bar. I did not. Here's how I did it.

1) remove both rear side panels on each side (one painted, one black plastic). I used a parts fiche to see where the bolts and press on mounts are.

2) remove license plate/tail light assembly. Let this dangle on the wires. Note that the bolts holding this look similar to the bolts for the side panels but they have different shoulders.

3) snake the light bar wire harness through the space for the store wiring harness. Some fiddling is required to get the last bit into the area underneath the seat. Using safety wire as a follow through helps. Removing the top case holder helps.

4) wires --brake is grey w/ red stripe, blue is right turn signal, black w/ white stripe for left

5) switched power: The fuse box is behind the left painted side panel. There are two fuse holders. Towards the front of the bike from these holders is what appears to be a blank fuse holder (i.e., wires go in but there are no fuses). The red w/ green stripe is switched. Using this, the light bar tail light stays on for about 45 seconds after the bike is switched off.

'13 690 Duke, '1