I recently purchased and installed a set of the SW Motech EVO foot pegs which are adjustable in many positions on my 2022 F 850 GSA. The main position I wanted is just the straight down lowering which they claim is 15mm. First point to note, that only occurs if you remove the rubber peg top insert (which is an option). I did that. Second point of note, the teeth of the footpegs are not as biting/grippy as the stock footpegs. Third point of note, unlike the one piece OEM footpegs that come in one piece, the SW Motech EVO footpegs come in two pieces. As such they sit slightly more outboard on each side and are not ideally aligned with controls. Fourth point of note, the spring clip that the pin holding the peg to the frame goes through is not recessed like the OEM spring on the OEM peg, but sticks out of the housing (poor design or necessary to be able to have something to hold onto during installation?).

I measured and the top surface of the footpeg without the rubber pad insert is around 15mm lower. have not ridden yet, but put my Forma Terra EVO X series boot on the peg and seems it will still be difficult to actually get the top of toebox under the gear shift rubber, even though Imhave that now set to its highest position, as oppoed to facing forward as per setting on delivery of bike. Setting the gear shift to the top/highest setting, as opposed to forward, gives vertical room, but also brings it that much closer to the footpeg, making it difficult to angle the leg/foot on a tall boot with a big toebox below the shifter. Up to now, when shifting while wearing these boots, I have to just up shift by putting the 1/2 inch lip of the welded/stitched sole under the end of the shifter. Not ideal at all.

Has anyone dealt with this issue and have a solution if using a boot with a tall toebox?