Just want to post this about the boots and perhaps I am jinxed. Bought these boots on RevZilla. After several days of wearing/riding I started to notive that something on the inside was gouging into my right foot metatarsal when the I was walking (at the bend between tow box and metatarsal area of foot. I ran my fingers down the inside and after moving through the front curve towards to toe box I could feel some type of lateral”rib” or “ridge” protruding down. There was some material between the inner liner and the leather outer that seemed to be bent of flexed down and doing walking when that area bent it drove the ridge into the top of my metatarsal. I felt inside the left boot, which did not have the issue, and it was smooth through the upper to toe box transition. I made a warranty claim suggesting the boots were defective and providing details as above. Revzilla honored it and credited my account.

Fast forward to yesterday when I ordered the same boot as a replacement, figuring I had received a one-off defective boot first go around. I immediately ran my fingers down the inside fromof the left boot to the toe box. Smooth through transition. Then I did the same with the right boot. Again, I felt some lateral rib of inner material protruding downward, but this time it was about at the location where the rubber outer toe box overlay is sewn on top of the toe. So I thought maybe whenI walk and bent this area it will not gouge into to top of my upper toe areaor metatarsal. Tried them on and walked on carpet around living room and same as before, the material (which feels like an overlap of the harder material they place between liner and leather, protrudes down and gouges the top of my foot. They just got shipped back to Revzilla. I though maybe ifI get one more pair “3rd time is a charm”. Then NO. I will not take the chance. No more Forma.

So looking for another brand on low boots that would cost less than $300 (the ones goingback were $249).