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Thread: Keyless FOB - Theft

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    Keyless FOB - Theft

    I have been seeing on the News that people can scan your key and get the code then steal your car. I imagine because the FOB is always sending out a signal.
    Can this happen on BMW FOBs?
    I have been keeping my FOB in a Faraday bag when I am not using it.

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    Ran across this post with some links to other reading:
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    Quote Originally Posted by joefish View Post
    I have been keeping my FOB in a Faraday bag when I am not using it.
    The fob does not do a handshake with the bike until you press the big black ignition button on the bike.
    But it's still possible to hack the electronics to steel the bike.
    It's easier for a few guys to just throw the bike in the back of a truck.
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