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Thread: F750GS questions??

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    F750GS questions??


    I've been on the airhead forum for awhile now.

    I recently bought a used 2020 F750GS low suspension, with 1500 miles.

    I've been riding a 2014 Triumph T100, as well as many 60's and 70's British twins, so naturally I tried the Triumph Tigers as well. The BMW was a better fit, plus it has more seat options. I bought a used BMW comfort seat on eBay, should be here today.

    My questions are;

    To lower the suspension, what was done?

    Are these bikes cold natured, or do I just need to run the old fuel out of it? (Waiting for the replacement to the rock hard low seat).

    The specs on the BMW website says this is a dry sump engine, if so why a dip stick that goes to a sump?

    The specs don't say what the crank degree is, it feels like a 360 crank but doesn't sound like one?

    I may be trying other seats. I could always buy used, then resell if I don't like them, but are there seats available that can be returned &/or exchanged?

    That's it for now.

    Thanks for all replies,

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    Low Suspension = shorter side-stand, seat is thinner (you can option for a standard seat on low suspension so check your build sheet or have a dealer look it up via VIN) and dumb shock with shorter spring (i.e. no ESA). There isn't a linkage difference that I know of. You can buy a longer spring from BeemerBoneyard and longe side-stand or tallest seat from Sargent seats and get a normal height 750.

    We haven't had any issues with cold starts. Ours is 3.5 years old, winter gas with stabil and it starts right up every spring. went on a ride at 32F yesterday and started it and rolled right out.

    Sargent Seats go on all of our bikes and have a 30 day return policy.
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    The crank is an offset firing pattern at 270/450 degrees. The engine is a dry sump, the main oil pan is what the dipstick measures the level in. There is a secondary inner pan that separates the wet/dry sumps. When you change the oil, you first drain the lower sump, then there is a second drain plug that is accessed through the main drain plug to drain the inner sump.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    When I think of wet sump bikes I visualize an oil tank separate for the engine housing.

    I received the BMW comfort seat, not much different than the low seat as far as comfort goes. It was cheap, I'll keep it and sell the low seat. I ordered a sargent. They gave me a late season 15% discount and are shipping today, so I'll get to try it out before it's too cold to ride. I'm happy with the sargent on my T100, it's just the T100 doesn't handle our rough two lanes here in Illinois like this F750 does.

    As far as cold natured, the bike sputters a little driving up my driveway unless I let it warm for a just a bit. Had a Moto Guzzi that did the same thing. I think it just needs to be driven.

    It's a really nice bike, handles so much better than the /5's I've built. I can't wait to try it out on some mountain roads, that'll have to be next year.

    Thanks again.

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    2021 F750GS locked gas cap. Help

    After getting my 20,000km check at the dealer I cannot open my gas cap. I have unscrewed the top and cleaned it but to no avail. I have to unscrew for gas. I am 4 hours away from dealer and they, of course, donít know if a wire wasnít reconnected or I have a bad cap. The caps are back ordered from BMW. Is there something I might check on my bike?

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