My goof off Friday started with awesome sunrise.


My plan was taking three bikes for annual inspection and renewal of plates, a ten mile round trip each run. Then riding the German Flag 1100S to Fredericksburg for GermanFest people watching and lunch. I had returned previous Saturday from a 3000 mile solo run to NM & CO including a stop at Hotchkiss Rally and was ready to get back on a bike after a week of not breaking camp or hoteling and gearing up.

The 1100 S had a set of tires scheduled to arrive Thursday and were delayed until today, the current set is ready, I had also ordered a battery when I ordered one for a bud preparing for his CO trip. The battery in this bike was a 2016 Odyssey, but still doing its job and rotated in charger dance in our shop. I rolled out at 9:30 with a smile. Stopped at bank and the ATM decided it was a good time to shut down with my card inside! I went inside after shutting bike off and spent a bit of time getting my card back and some cash for the day. Upon gearing up, hit the starter to have lights dim on display and nada
Waited a few minutes, same result so a push start downhill looked like best plan.(my jump pack is in GSA side cases of course) Some bikes easier to mount when pushing and this one not one of them. After three tries I retreated to another wait. Luckily it had enough oomph to fire and I rode short distance to inspection station, leaving bike running and on my way home in short order. Fine, will wait on battery and tires and ride this one next week… Got on H’s 390 KTM and entertained passerby’s with my 6’1” frame on orange rocket. The inspector even chuckled when I rolled up….back to the house for the 690 big brother and my ride for the day.
Got it inspected, went to tax office for three stickers and off for well earned lunch. Riding the sub-500# bike after wrangling a loaded GSA for over a week brought a smile and some shenanigans. F’burg traffic already picking up for festival but my spot across street from the Pacific War Museum was winding down from lunch rush and had lunch served quickly. Had desire for some fries after eating healthier the past few weeks and tried the carnitas , red cabbage and cheese smothered treat


Guilty but GOOD!
Headed home with plan to return Saturday for festival walk around. Rode through Luckenbach and back on road to Blanco. TXDOT doing road repairs and sections of cheese grater asphalt had me wandering in lane, then it got worse! On next smooth curve I floated across lane again . Smile now gone!
My analog tire pressure alarm went off in helmet and I glanced back to see low rear… seriously? Pulled onto a shaded side road to deal with issue. Had to laugh at having a flat on a newer tire and not the one I was worried about that decided for me not to ride. Popped a plug in , aired up and back to house.



. Now have wheel off KTM to patch internally , bodywork off of 11S( prob the most difficult model to change the battery for those who own one know) That’s when I saw the date on battery as well.



Any ride a good ride, however, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I asked H if she had been putting pins in my voodoo doll again!