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Thread: rear brake ( disc) RETRACTION SPRING goes where ?

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    rear brake ( disc) RETRACTION SPRING goes where ?

    well this is embarrassing - so much for the " no such thing as stupid question" theory

    but I'm not seeing where the return spring for the rear brake lever , ect attaches ... '78 R100 model, any rear disc answers welcome

    There is tab hanging on the linkage (linkage between pedal & master cylinder actuation lever) with a hole for one end of spring ,

    but where does other / anchor end of spring normally attach ?

    a top down picture from simialr angle of pix below ,
    showing the overall orientation of both the linkage , the tab & the return spring
    would be great, thanks in advance

    bmw r100s rear disc return linkage - 1.jpeg

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    Looking at my 78, It looks like you should reverse the spring from the way you have it.
    The other end of the spring fits into a tiny hole on the brace behind where passenger peg bolts to.
    Hope that's some help.

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    was afraid of that ! hmm how to hide . needlessly expose spring

    byjove I thinks yours right . The spring is easier to grasp for remove with long shanks rearmost.
    those bauhaus kids were up to so much

    There used to be 3 holes on that bracket! , but I plug welded over the rear sets holes , to tell mine in a herd
    almost welded over the holes for the pack rack too before I realized what those were for ! (hint rhymes w/ " White Krasuers " )
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