I'm working on my project bike, 2005 R1200ST and thought I'd do a quick bleed of the brakes. I installed Speedbleeders on both the front calipers and the rear caliper. I've been successful in a quick change-out on my other bikes, bit I'm finding the ST to be problematic due to it's use of the Gen 1 ABS.

The bleeders on Speedbleeder's site were incorrect and called for a 7mm bleeder for front calipers. I installed these, snugged them down, then found that the right front was weeping before I started the bleeding process. It seems that Speedbleeder's chart for this particular bike was incorrect (needs an 8mm bleeder rather than a 7mm) and the result is now there are now copious amounts of air in the system. Speedbleeder's support line suggested I replace the original bleeders and try to get some fluid to flow to the front calipers. No soap. No flow of fluid at all.

I've tried the "lever" method, as well as a MightyVac and an electric vacuum pump. Long story short is that I can't get any fluid to flow to the front calipers. I'm guessing that I need to tackle the ABS and get some fluid added at that point or just bypass the ABS altogether.

Does anyone have experience with the Gen 1 ABS that might alleviate this issue, or have experience in bypassing the system?

Thanks in advance.