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Thread: New Member needs advice!

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    New Member needs advice!

    Hello, I just joined yesterday. I live in southern Alabama. I am not new to motorcycling, I have been riding since 2012. I currently ride a Harley sportster 1200. I have been considering getting a BMW though. I recently sat on and roadster 1200, and liked the way it felt. I am 56 140 pounds, and ride a bike a lot. My husband and I are Vangelis for the Christian Motorcyclists association. I am looking for a bigger bike to ride, I love the heritage softail, but as I said I’m drawn to the BMWs as well. Looking for information about what bike people think would be good for me. We ride long days 400 to 500 mile rides at least four days out of the week. Want something light and nimble but that can handle the long distance and be comfortable for me. Any suggestions…079EC2A1-0CEB-44E9-AD99-F8C95ED16659.jpg

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    Welcome to the forum and the MOA! Hopefully you can find the right fit of bike for you. Hang on, I'm sure some people who are a bit more local to you will be along shortly with some suggestions!
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    I can’t recommend which BMW would best suit you but others are bound to chime in with suggestions. One piece of information which might help others with their suggestions would be your inseam. Many of these German bikes tend to be on the tall side. Good luck with your search and welcome to the Forum from Ontario.
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    Find yourself a good BMW dealer, then take some test rides.

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    I second the "find a good dealer" motion

    I suspect you might find that BMW charges for refinement and lighter weight while Harley enjoys the luxury of being able to charge for their name. Try them all. It is a lovely position to be in.
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    It’s good to you here.

    It looks like you’ve found the forums, and the website. You’re clearly off and running as a new member. We’ve talked already, but based on your post, riding experience and heavy bikes aren’t a problem. If your inseam can handle the low seat position and you can be comfortable, I do know several female BMW MOA that ride RT’s. The RT makes an excellent touring bike, and I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest it.

    Good luck, and of course, anytime you want to go to Pensacola or Columbus let me know, we’ll ride there together.
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    When I ride my RT the backroads with my Harley friends ( I also have a LowRiderS) I never get out of second gear. YMMV
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    +1 on visiting a BMW dealer. Unlike other brand dealerships I've experienced in the past, good BMW dealers pride themselves in product knowledge and in allowing potential customers to take test rides. The dealer will encourage you to take your time on the ride make sure you understand the bike and its fit for you.

    Welcome to BMWMOA and good luck in your search!
    Larry Gregerson; Bend, OR
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    Coming from the Harley world have you had a look at the K1600 bagger? Or maybe the new R18? That would keep you on similar equipment if you care. Welcome from Newfoundland.
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    Hi Shawna and welcome to the group!

    Many of us here have also either had Harleys (I've had two, an XLCH and an FLHTC) or have Harleys presently in the garage (like a few of my neighbors), and everybody has their own opinions...

    Anyway, and not to denigrate BMWs in this particular discussion (especially since most of them certainly are nimble), but something to keep in mind -

    You need something that fits YOU, comfortably and long-term. Also, a Hawg is often actually a better choice than a Sporty for smaller or lighter riders: while they weigh more, they sit a lot lower and are easier to flat-foot when stopped, and can be easier to lift if dropped. They don't have the "revs" that a Sportster will produce, but they have oodles more bottom-end torque and a more forgiving clutch. Also, if you carry tools, two similar bikes reduces the tool payload (which can also be split up between the bikes).

    I've never ridden a Softtail, but I've heard repeatedly that the twin-shock bikes handle better under a wider variety of conditions; if the bike has the "turnbuckle" motor mounts, it is critical that those be adjusted properly.

    Paul S

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    Welcome to the MOA & the Forum, Shawna!

    Mrs-HSV rides quite a bit too {she currently has 4 bikes}, and I’m sure she’s open to discussion about Long-Distance Riding for fellow female enthusiasts. Contact her at: She is ~5’4” & 115lbs {soaking wet}.

    You’ll certainly have to shop around awhile, because there are now so many models to choose from. Karen finally upgraded to an R1200RS that we acquired in Missouri from the MOA Marketplace - once you know what you’re looking for specifically that is.

    Another resource, as seen on these forums, is a M/C ergonomics comparison tool:

    Mrs Karen put beaucoup miles on her ‘09 F650GS {which is still in use}. She loved the upright seating position and its durability.
    OTOH, I did not love the fact that there was No Cruise Control and the daily necessity of Chain Maintenance.

    So do consider the selected model’s Drivetrain. BMW driveshafts are usually extremely reliable. Usually...
    Don’t get hung-up on putting both feet down at a Stop, when one leg will suffice. You get used to managing with one foot...

    Enjoy whatever bike you decide to purchase - that’s the whole point isn’t it.
    We’ll be camping at the Barber’s Vintage Fest is a couple of weeks. In case you’ve never been there & done that...

    Good Hunting, sincerely, President of the ALaBeemers.

    Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
    HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil

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    You will also find the BMW crowd a different mindset. Almost all BMW riders are ATGATT. Just a thought you might want to consider. Welcome to the forum.
    Shawn Conver
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    Welcome Shawna! I'm partial to the RT which meets your criteria for light (comparatively) and nimble. Comfort being in the butt of the beholder, an aftermarket seat (Russell Day Long, Sargeant) is usually a requirement. Additionally, some models have lowered suspensions which may or may not be more to your liking. Please keep us apprised.
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