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Thread: Heli-Bar risers: Too far?

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    Heli-Bar risers: Too far?

    It's Saturday and before I go blind watching college football...a question. Any of you who purchased Heli-bars for your wethead RT have a problem with wires or brake/clutch lines being stretched too much? The typical "up" and "back" measurements seem on par with other choices (Ilium and Wonderlich) however, when you add Heli-Bars' inch longer handlebars (on each side) to the equation - I wonder? So anyone find their bike's wires and fluid lines too short to keep Heli-bars mounted? Thanks.
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    I don't know if this will apply to the RT model, but I have a similar problem on my GS. Someone forwarded to me these instructions from Rox SpeedFx on how to move the wires/hoses from the inside of the fork tubes to the outside. I thought this couldn't hurt to post. Sorry, if it's not applicable.
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    I ran them on a 2018 Rt and had zero issues with wire and cables. Don't recall even needing to reroute anything

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    I had them on my 2015 wethead and had no issues with running cables or wires.
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    Not exactly on point, but llium risers install without a hitch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by easy View Post
    Not exactly on point, but llium risers install without a hitch.


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    I have the Heli Bars on my 21 RT. The fit and the length of the all the cables and controls are fine. Made a big difference in the hand angle and comfort for me.

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