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Thread: my next spine lube

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    my next spine lube

    krytox is a great grease with an extremely tiny particle / stable & tough PFPE (Teflon-ish ?) thickener.
    Its also extremely expensive , 1/2 oz (small ointment size tube) is $30+

    I have said tiny tube of krytox GPL205 variety to rub on NLA weatherstrips on the ragtops. It stops squeaks & reputed to preserve rubber , without making a mess.
    Used it on handlebar switches etc, and loved it long time joe

    But looks like I'll try this alternative for the final drive splines and save the krytox (the 205 is white paste that disappears spread thin) for the visible tasks.

    Tribolube 16 ! now with Molly for even more luck ! Same guy has a non-moly version for a few coins less ( he ships one for freeeee, the other for $8 , we'll see about THAT ! ) but nothing beats excess

    bmw r100s spline lube - 1.jpeg
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