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Thread: 2022 BMW R1250RT Seat

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyboyz View Post
    Love my Sargent seat!!

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    I have the BMW option 719 seat for my 1250RT and it is much more comfortable than the stock seat. Can't explain why, it just is.IMG_2001.jpeg

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    I went through the same exact pain as you, and ended up replacing OEM with the Sargent performance plus. No one can truly solve this for you. Your ass is unique to you. Not to mention other factors like existing lower back issues or whatever.

    I have not looked personally, but in the event that you buy a seat and it's not right for you- maybe you can return seats to Sargent or Russell if you buy a simple "standard" configuration? One that they sell on a daily basis. My Sargent was basically the default config with silver welt. They sell a handful of these probably every day. Orange Alligator w/ Pink welt? Not so much. That said- the likelihood that you would need to return a Sargent is exceedingly low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwhite View Post
    I have found the OEM seat on my R 1250 RT to be very uncomfortable after about 45 min. I have tried a Corbin seat and Seth Lam seat to no avail. Does anyone have a really good comfortable seat vendor or seat recommendation? I have used RDL in the past for my Street Glide but not on the RT.
    Have 2022 R1250RS. Same OEM seat as RT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 97262 View Post
    Have 2022 R1250RS. Same OEM seat as RT?
    Nope. Your RS does have the same seat as an R

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