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Thread: 07 GS Headlight Conversion to LED

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    07 GS Headlight Conversion to LED

    Recently purchased a 2007 R1200GS after previously owning a 1997 R1100GS and a 2007 R1200RT. It's clear that the current halogen headlight is sub-par and I would like to convert to LED lighting. In my research here and elsewhere I read lots of references to the "parking light" but I'm not sure what that is. Is it the smaller of the 2 headlights; the one that is always on? If so, is that the same thing as the Low Beam? I'm confused because I've always known parking lights as something separate from headlights, and parking lights have always been something you could turn on or off, while the smaller headlight is always on. If the parking light and the low beam are different things, where are each physically located?

    Then, the majority of postings about this conversion to LED talk about purchasing a whole new headlight assembly rather than just replacing the bulbs. Is this really necessary, or even preferable? I'm sure it's more expensive so if it is not necessary I'm not sure why so many take that route. Can you also help me understand this part of the question. Thanks.

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    In this picture from the MAX parts fiche, item 6 is your H7 (two prongs), 55 watt bulb, and item 8 is the 5 watt parking light bulb (193, 194 style?).

    (I'm not that familiar with the 1200s, does this even have a "high" beam?)

    It is likely that either Cyclops or Speedmetal (from either Cycle Gear or Revzilla; RevZ may have them on sale) has a conversion kit that would fit.

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    I use these on my Camhead and have installed on other Hexheads/Camheads.
    Very pleased with the results. Nice white light at 5800K
    Quality product with good guarantee.

    Easiest install is done by removing the light assembly - easy to do.
    Ufda happens..........

    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    led headlights

    I have been very pleased with my Cyclops LED headlights on a 2007 R1200GS. I did have a professional install them.

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    LED Bulb

    Hi - I have a 2006 RT and I just installed these bulbs without issue. If they didn't work, I was going to return them.
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