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Thread: CA Hwy J 41

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Telluride Colorado

    CA Hwy J 41

    Any info on the condition of this road?
    It is east of 395 between Ridgecrest and Little Lake going west towards Sherman Pass and Roads End and Johnsondale / Kernville.

    I found this:

    Curious if its passible after the recent major rain storms from system Kay

    Doing a trip from Colorado to LA next week.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Current highway conditions in CA can be found on this site. However, I'm unfamiliar with J 41. There's an SR 41
    Jeff in W.C.
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    It's here -
    but no info on conditions....
    The rains have passed, still have the possibility of desert storms, what the hey, go for it!

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    We were going to take Sherman Pass on our way from Yosemite to Palmdale a few weeks ago. We talked to a few of the lodges along the way and were told to be extra careful. Many of those mountain highways have gravel and dirt from the recent thunderstorms.

    From Colorado to LA will you be taking the E.T. Highway or going through Panamint Valley?
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    Nick Kennedy
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    Telluride Colorado
    Going the scenic route from Telluride, I'm in no hurry thank God.
    Here, Paradox Co, La Sal,Monticello& Blanding Ut. West to Hite Ut, Hanksville Torrey for the night

    Torrey Hwy 12 to Boulder Escalante, Panguitch Cedar Breaks, Parowan, Parowan Gap, Cedar City, West to Panaca Nv and the night at Caliente Nv

    West to Rachel, Tonopah, South to Oasis and west over Westgard Pass Ca into the Owens valley.
    Down 395 through Lone Pine then west over Sherman pass to Johnsondale down to Lake Isabella to Lamont Maricopa Ojai Oxnard Hwy 1 to Venice Beach. I'll have another night out on this last leg somewhere. I found a couple of charming places to stay in Lake Isabella, maybe there.
    Not sure of my route home -depends on the weather at the time

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