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Thread: 2017 F 800 GS Fairing removal ? repair manual

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    2017 F 800 GS Fairing removal ? repair manual

    Over the weekend i was on an adventure rally in the Mountains of NC. Had a mishap at the end of the day and broke the bracket that holds the Lights and instrument cluster together. I need to remove the entire fairing to access the broken bracket. Does anyone here know where to start? Looking like the radiator shroud comes off first. Im also trying to get my hands on a maintenance manual for this bike any help is greatly appreciated.

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    It's a tad bit different than my 2013, but each F-twin style is composed of layers, which starts at the bottom-most panels and works up. I have a bunch of photos I've been meaning to post.

    Basically: start with the seat off, then airbox/battery cover (linked to a F-twins thread with pictures), then take off the beak (2 screws on each side, which may or may not be connected to your windscreen), then the top side panel comes off - there will be five or six screws (I keep this panel connected to the crash bars so I don't have to undo the turn signals), then the bottom side panel, there will be several screws on the inside by the radiator that you'll find.
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    I learned an easier way to remove the body panels. DO NOT remove the screws that attach each side panel to the beak but otherwise follow all the steps in the manual. Both panels and the beak can be removed intact by lifting the panels at the back and moving the whole works forward until it clears the bike. This is how an experienced BMW tech does it.

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    Bracket for F800

    I just went through this. Pulled my panels and had some rash, decided to repaint my bike BMW white. The local independent car dent/paint shop did a great job. Ordered new stickers off Ebay, still awaiting the a sheet of logos that cost $100s from BMW and are $20 but come from Bulgaria of all places. Thank goodness for international commerce.

    I'm going to assume from your post you broke this bracket

    This part is $300 from our friends at BMW and the one on Ebay is an exact copy for $70, heck might have come out of the same mold. Anyway, I replaced mine on my F700gs with the Ebay version and it fit just fine. I managed to remove the panels and replace them without too much effort and I'm only mildly mechanically inclined. I searched but couldn't find a manual / you tube video. It was just a matter of trial and error. I suggest you take some pictures with your phone of where the wires run and all the zip ties are found. I cut about 12 off and only used about 6 going back on. Good luck.

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