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Thread: 2022 F750GS drive chain to CAT clearance.

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    2022 F750GS drive chain to CAT clearance.

    Has anyone noticed how much clearance there is from the seam flange of the CAT to the drive chain? Mine doesn't appear to be rubbing while driving, but while going slow and hitting a bump it seems to be striking the CAT along the side. Sounds like there is a loose rock in the pannier. And YES, the chain is at the proper tension. The dealer said that it does appear to be quite close and ground a little of the flange down.

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    Doesn't anybody have a 750 GS that can tell me how much clearance they have between the chain and Catalytic converter down by the swing arm?

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    Can you post a picture of the clearance?
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    There is usually some give in an exhaust system, such that with all the clamps and fastenings loosened the exhaust can be shifted or adjusted slightly. Id suggest a return to the dealer with a request to loosen everything and try to adjust the CAT to where it has more clearance from the chain.

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    My experience with F750GS was plenty of chain slop, which caused noise when hitting the swingarm guard, even when correctly adjusted.
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