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Thread: hey mel - Can't polish everything, but that's a 'relief'

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemeruss View Post
    looks like chrome-y yum
    thanks! I stopped at tripoli on those. have some more work to match mel's up above ^

    but these brake pedals are some hard alloy that looks just like platinom, nom, nom!

    bmw r100s rear brake lever - 1.jpeg

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    Now you're getting somewhere!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by melville View Post
    Now you're getting somewhere!!!
    if I have sheen further than other men,
    it is because I stood on the shoulder of two giants;
    white White Diamond and red red wine

    bmw r100s polish kit - 1.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by melville View Post
    Nice! I like the polish on the ribs.
    Lots of rotating abrasives to get that crap off!
    wait'il you see the barrel & head fins
    things' gonna look like a bread slicer loafing down the spit lane

    (spit lane (n) the section of a highway where you lane split .... as in " Sure glad I had my yap zipped & goggles donned, while I was lane splitting the spit lane on 680 south"

    got to chem strip or better yet blast off crud like those covers, before rotary. less metal removal while getting the deep spots

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