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Thread: occasional valve noise

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    occasional valve noise

    Afternoon gentlemen, I've noticed on occasion when I am in the wrong gear and accelerating (3rd gear rather than 2nd gear) that I will hear a little (what I believe to be) valve rattle/clatter). When I am shifting as God intended at the upper end of the RPM range 4500-5000ish RPMs the only sound I hear is that beautiful boxer engine and a thousand angels singing! Is the valve noise I hear normal under the circumstances I described (under RPM'd)? I'm sure I'm being over sensitive but, but looking for your feedback. Forgot to mention the bike is a 2013 RT w/ 18,000 miles on the clock. Thanks in advance for any direction etc.

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    Could be combustion "ping" from a combo of rpm that is too low and/or fuel with insufficient octane. In third, I'd keep the revs no lower than 2500 if I thought I might need to accelerate at all, and preferably above 3000.
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