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Thread: 1985 K100RS fuel mileage check.

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    1985 K100RS fuel mileage check.

    Not sure if anyone is interested but just for you-know-what and giggles I thought I'd do a fuel mileage check today on a 280 mile round trip from Calgary to Lethbridge, Alberta. No wind to speak of really. Most flat with some undulations but nothing of any significance. Just me at 174 lbs with side cases, top case and an Aeroflow screen. I held a steady 70-75mph with an occasional pass at 80mph. I filled it up to the exact same level as when I first gassed up. It took 12.195l or 2.68 Imp gallons for 132 miles, which is 49.25 mpg on 87 octane. Won't fill up again until I go out for another ride so I don't know what the return trip will yield. It was also different routing with headwinds at certain points. I don't know what modern 1000cc bikes are getting but I would think that this is pretty respectable for a 37 year-old bike at those speeds. Or am I wrong?

    On a side note, I got my hands (literally) on a set of Pro Grip 699 street gel grips in an attempt to reduce vibration at the bars. It wasn't as much as I'd hoped for but a tiny reduction nevertheless.
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    Your mileage beats my 87 K100RT which averages around 45 miles per imperial gallon, sometimes a bit better. In order to avoid ethanol eating the rubber parts in the gas tank, I run ethanol free Shell V Power.
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    Over it's life, my '85 RS has averaged mid 40's in gas mileage on US Gallons, which approximates your mileage on Imperial gallons.
    Also, the K1100 16v engine is much smoother than the original K100 8v, but both have an annoying buzz (less on the 16v) at lower highway speeds.

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    My 92 K100RS 16V averages about 45 mpg in a mix of local and highway riding.
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    By my math, your 2.68 Imperial Gallons converts to 3.218546 US Gallons, which equals 41.02 miles per US gallon. I had a 1987 K100RT which would get between 40 and 44 MPG (US). My K1 will get typically 50+ at 75 to 85, but it has the 4-valve 1 liter engine with the Motronic FI and amazing aerodynamic body work.
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