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    Exclamation LastPass password manager hacked-

    World’s Most Popular Password Manager Says It Was Hacked-

    Via Bloomburg

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    The company doesn’t believe any passwords were taken as part of the breach and users shouldn’t have to take action to secure their accounts, according to a blog post on Thursday. "
    Just to be on the safe side I would change my password...

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    I keep a list of my passwords for various sites in a secure physical location here, not on some cloud based server which can be hacked.
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    I like Safe In Cloud. It syncs to all my devices, but they don't keep any of my data on their servers. Instead, my data is stored in my Google drive as an encrypted file, and it gets decrypted only on my local devices.

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    Hilarious. I stopped using LastPass in 2010 the 2nd major time it was hacked. It proceeded to be breached at least 5 more times since then. When will people learn this company is not doing much to protect your passwords?

    Their Wiki page has a whole section devoted to security breaches -

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    While the number of hacks of LastPass is a concern (and of course they will be a target for hackers), they operate on a "trust no one" model. This means that even LastPass does not hold any of your passwords, including your master p/w.

    This is good and bad. The bad is that if you forget your master password, even LastPass can't retrieve it. Unless you created some onetime passwords, which LastPass recommends, you are SOL and your password store will be unrecoverable.

    The good is a case like this - hackers don't have access to your master password through LastPass, let alone your own passwords stored within.

    I have no affiliation with LastPass other than being a user. Frankly, while password managers are the best way of maintaining unique and random passwords for everything, they all could be a target of a hack. The fact that LastPass uses a trust no one model adds to its security for me. There are probably others doing the same, but none of them are 100% immune to clever hackers finding a way in.


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