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Thread: 86 k75 c weird noise 13 k miles

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    86 k75 c weird noise 13 k miles

    Getting used to this new to me K. There is a noise that is worse when cold. Sounds to me like itís in what would be the bell housing. Sounds like a loose bearing at about 1500. It might be something of concern or maybe not. I know thatís not a good description.

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    Is this with the bike moving in gear or stopped with the clutch in or in neutral?


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    That sounds like side slap between the gears in the intermediate housing. Most all brick-k bikes acquire that noise sooner or later, and it doesnít cause any problem other than being acoustically annoying. Quieting it requires pulling the trans and the intermediate housing and re-shimming the gears and is generally not considered worth the time, effort, and expense. The noise is usually only noticeable at idle or below 1500rpm and not noticeable once underway.

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    Noise is the same in neutral or in gear. With clutch engaged or not. Pretty sure Iím just going to learn to live with it. Just wanted to be sure

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    Listen where the alternator mounts at the right-rear of the engine. Hard, stiff, worn rubber cush drive pieces will make a noise.
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    One cheap [ BMW owners' favorite word] and easy diagnostic tool to make, is a section out of a old garden hose, It can be fairly long if needed, like 4'.
    Put one end against your ear and the other in the vicinity of suspected noise and if it's there you will hear it.


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