My 2nd K bike. Previously owned a K100. Attempting to get her in good shape. Found a break in vacuum hose in the wire loom. Trimmed back and now running much better. Iím thinking she just needs to be risen a lot and keep running good gas and cleaners thru fuel to clean injectors good.
Couple questions- where can I obtain engine guards?
2) this bike has the headlight housed in a pod. Does that make this a C model?
3) whatís the best clear or smoked windscreen out there that will work with this headlight housing? There are a few on Amazon that look ok but IDK.
4) I am considering getting a headlight modulator to be seen better. Ideas on that?
5) considering getting some PIAA type lights. Iím good mechanically but electrical is not strong suit. Anybody have success with a certain brand. There are some cheap ones out there for sure!
Thanks in advance!
Jeff 86 K 75
KC Missouri