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Thread: Seats for a 2022 R1250RT.

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    Seats for a 2022 R1250RT.

    Hello, Iím new to this and recently purchased a 2022 R1250RT. I would like to find a great touring seat with some back support. Can anyone point me to a great seat?

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    My preference is Russell Day-Long. Corbin makes a seat with a back rest, but my last Corbin seat was too uncomfortable for me even after 6000 miles of use. I just couldnít get it broken in. I replaced it with the RDL which worked for me from day one. My bike is a 2013 R1200R.

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    Welcome from central Florida. I replaced our stock seats with RDL on our 07RT and never think about my butt while touring.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Russell Day Long seats seem to be the overwhelming choice here on the forum.

    I added a bit to your title for clarity.

    Good luck.
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    R 1250 RT Seat

    Thak you for your help. I'm going to look at the Russell Day Long seat.

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    Sargent Seats is a good choice too.
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    I think I'm the only person that is perfectly fine with the OEM seat. I bought a new 2022 R1250RT this year and currently have 10,000 miles logged. All is good!
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