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Thread: Anchorage, Alaska visit

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    Question Anchorage, Alaska visit

    Hey Friends,
    I am going to be arriving in Anchorage on 15th August at the end of a cruise from Vancouver.
    Due to a change in itinerary I had to cancel the bike rental that I had organised, which is rather disappointing. I am wondering if there is a local bike shop or club member who can put me on a bike for a couple of hours on Tuesday 16th August ? I am hoping to do a proper tour sometime in the future but would be thrilled to briefly ride so I can add Alaska to the lower 48 already covered.
    Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give me.
    Ian Robert "Scoobs" Scobie

    '92 K75RT, '02 F650GS Dakar;
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    We were impressed with Alaska Motorcycle Adventures a couple of years ago.
    Very nice folks and easy to work with:

    The highway south is scenic within a few minutes of town. The road north is mostly trees.
    F Street Station in downtown Anchorage has great halibut!

    Have fun on your trip.
    -Live as fully as you can as long as you can-

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