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Thread: West Colorado Super Loop 8-7-22

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Telluride Colorado

    West Colorado Super Loop 8-7-22

    I got to ride a Western Colorado Loop ride today that I've wanted to do for a long time.
    Good day for it. Partially sunny and 1/2 cloudy.
    Only got rained on below Creede and over Wolf Creek pass.
    Here is how it went:
    Departed Telluride 7 AM 52f.
    West to Gateway.
    Out to Whitewater and into Grand Junction
    Quite warm at 86F.
    East On I-70 to the turn off for Mesa, Powderhorn and Grand Mesa, the worlds largest Mesa.
    Up over Grand Mesa; cool up there at 10 K +
    Down to the south and then east to Hotchkiss for a bite to eat.
    Into the North rim of Black Canyon Natl Park to Hwy 50 the east to the turnoff south to Lake City.
    Up over Slumgulion Pass and Spring Creek passes down into Creede.
    Started raining lightly here and continued for a couple of hours.
    Down into South Fork and west on Hwy 160 up over Wolf Creek Pass where it kinda rained hard for 20 minutes.
    Down west into Pagosa Springs for a quick dinner at a mexi joint.
    Dried out on the ride down.
    West to Durango and continuing on to Mancos then right to Dolores.
    Up Hwy 145 to Lizard Head Pass and home
    660 miles
    12:15 hours.
    Nice day for it; when I woke up, I felt It was my day!
    Million Curves, no cops and no close calls, yahoo!

    1990 K75RT
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    sMiling Voni's Avatar
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    So now we need a trip report.

    And photos. Lots of photos!

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Debbie's Servant Lee's Avatar
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    We were on all those roads except Grand Mesa a week or two ago.
    Great roads

    Did you see North Clear Creek Falls near Slumgullion Pass ?
    It's easy to miss.
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    Nick Kennedy
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    Nov 2011
    Telluride Colorado
    Sorry I thought that was a trip report!
    No Photos, It was a hammer session to tell the truth.
    Hard to take photos at 80-90 MPH

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