It's time to hardwire my escort radar detector and my Gopro to my k1600. My initial plan is to hardwire a usb hub to the front of the bike and use the hub to power the two accessories. I can hardwire to my hexezcan or directly to the battery.
My questions are:
Can I wire the hub directly to the hexezcan and use it to power both the Escort and the Gopro?
Would it be better to wire each one separately to the hexezcan with it's own usb adapter?
Will the usb hubs transmit 12vdc if that is what they're connected to?
Would a rj11-usb plug work to connect the escort detector to tye usb hub?
The thought behind the hub is I'm sure the connectors will eventually fail on the units, and replacing the patch cord to the hub will be much easier than running a new wire.

Thanks, James