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Thread: iPhone Case for R1250RT

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    iPhone Case for R1250RT

    I just got a 2022 R1250RT last week and it has this swell wireless charging feature in the front right storage compartment. However, in order to get my iPhone 12 Pro Max to fit I have to remove the Otterbox case. Does anyone know of a thin case for this phone that fits?

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    I don't know if these stores are nationwide, but Five Below has cases for under 10$

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    I couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable with so my phone rides in the tankbag. And frankly I don’t like giving up the safety the Otterbox provides
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    Quote Originally Posted by TracerBullet View Post
    I couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable with so my phone rides in the tankbag. And frankly I don’t like giving up the safety the Otterbox provides
    My Otterbox has saved me thousand of dollars over the years so I understand. My phone feels so naked when I have to take it out of the case to fit in the storage compartment. I may just keep it in the breast pocket of my jacket knowing the wireless charger is there if needed.
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    I use a Lifeproof case for my iPhone. I've dropped it more that a few times with no damage.
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    iPhone case

    I have a 2016 R1200RT, not sure how they have changed to the newer ones. I have a iPhone 8 plus, and use a Magpul feild Case,
    I just checked and it will fit. Just barely. Got it off Ebay, Hope this helps,

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    I do not have a "MAX" size, but leaving the case on my 13 pro makes it quite difficult to wedge the phone in the compartment. But more importantly- it greatly interferes with the Qi charging. Often the green "charging" light just turns yellow after a moment. Take the case off- works very well. So- I just use the USB on the rare occasion that I even use that compartment.

    BMW has jacked up the entire map and Navigation interface so bad- using the compartment is way more trouble than it's worth in my opinion. Also- an iPhone issue: Apple implemented Granny management for the volume of your headphones. Everything is going along fine- then out of nowhere- music is gone!? Well- No, it's not gone. It's been turned down to basically zero by Apple in the name of saving the world. This was (and probably still is) VERY commonly mistaken as a connection issue with the TFT.

    My case is a top of the line MOUS unlimited 4.0. These cases are among the best for phone protection, but are not bulky at all. They are very thin in the area that matters for Qi charging.
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    Just a FYI on Apple volume reduction, it can be disabled in settings. Can’t walk you through it, but recently turned off on a 13. I can only imagine it was a legal thing for folks blaming/suing Apple for blowing their hearing… mines already damaged so I’ll manage that myself!
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