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Thread: Chain extension

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    Chain extension

    I swapped out the sprockets on my F800GS to 15 and 47 for BDR use. (Yes, I'm getting old.) I've bottomed out the chain adjustment and only have the minimum sag spec in my chain. I am not comfortable with this. I can't find any sort of two link extensions, and yes a new master link too, online. I'd rather not have to replace the whole chain since it has less than 1K miles on it. Any suggestions?

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    Have a look here-

    There are a a couple of threads on chain use including the F-Twin tech library.

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    I guess you could go with more than one master link in multiple areas. AKA split the chain into thirds, then use those master links to rejoin each section. I doubt the chain manufacturer would recommend this, even if you used rivet-style masters.

    Why not take that chain off, store it properly, and source an aftermarket chain that is longer? When you're done with the BDR, the normal-length chain and new sprockets will be ready for you.
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    Bit late but if you have minimum spec sag on a fresh chain its going to stretch in pretty quick. Just my $0.02

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    Thanks for the replies

    I appreciate the responses, work has taken me away from this project for a couple months. Hope to get back on it this weekend.

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