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Thread: G310 R Center Stand Question.

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    G310 R Center Stand Question.

    May be a hard one. I bought a 310 r for my 17 year old 5 foot nothing daughter, and lowered it in every conceivable way. dropped forks, rear lowering block, Hypro lowering shock, shaved seat. now, she can about flat foot at a stop. Problem is, now the side stand is too tall. I can solve all my problems with a center stand, but have found nothing recommended for a 310 r. I would also like a center stand for the maintenance standpoint.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 37328 View Post
    Problem is, now the side stand is too tall..
    If you know a good welder take the side stand to him, cut a section out and reweld it.
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    Google finds a few options:

    But a standard stand on a lowered bike requires lifting the bike higher, and the stand will hit the ground at a less advantageous angle. Keep looking for a welder.
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    Thank you! We will try to find a welder. Sure isn't me!

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    T-Rex center stands are adjustable for height. Does not solve your side stand issue but should solve your center stand problem.

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    The “Tag Cloud” has many threads on this issue. Here is one.

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