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Thread: Wiring 4-button Nav-V GPS mount

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    Wiring 4-button Nav-V GPS mount


    I need some expert direction on the wiring for a 4-button Nav-V GPS mount (77528544464-03). I would appreciate it if someone could point me to documentation, or answer the following questions.

    The mount has two plugs. Would someone tell me the pinouts, or even simply the general purpose of each connector:

    One is a three-wire plug that matches up to a connector in the battery compartment. I speculate this could be a data line.

    The second plug has two pins. I speculate this could be 12v power.

    Below are pictures to confirm what I am working with:
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    3-pin connector is power and bike data/control. The outer two pins are +/- power leads.

    I believe the two-pin is audio-out and only used on bikes equipped with onboard speakers.

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