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Thread: '05 K1200 LT overheating?

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    Unhappy '05 K1200 LT overheating?

    I have a 2005 LT that has a bit of an issue with overheating. it appears that the starboard side radiator is not getting any coolant flow as it is remaining cool, while the port side warms up. fans come on as expected on both sides. Fans blow hot air from the port side, cool air from starboard.

    Any thoughts?

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    Take off the side panels and bring the bike up to temp. The radiators are connected together top and bottom, which of these hoses are hot and which are cold?
    Obviously the hot coolant is not getting to that 2nd radiator, could be a blocked hose, bad radiator core? Just by touching the hoses carefully you should find the area that is the problem. Does the K1200 use both radiators all the time or is there a 2nd thermostat in the loop? Maybe someone can answer.

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    If memory serves there is a thermostat on the bottom of the radiator that does not have the filler/cap. Might be bad or plugged.
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    Had a thermostat problem with our K1200RS.
    The thermostat controls the amount that flows through the second radiator.
    Relatively easy job.

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    Thanks everyone - I'll have a go at the thermostat and report back

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    '05 K1200 LT overheating

    I know this has been broached somewhere on the forums, but if you have a laser thermo-meter just keep pointing it at a few spots on the hoses and radiator as it warms up to see temp change when the fluids start moving as the thermostat opens.
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