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    MedJet Curious

    Having recently fallen off of my bicycle and breaking a couple ribs, I have a renewed interest in Medjet
    It would be nice to get back to Mayo Clinic here in Rochester, MN.

    Mostly interested in coverage for annual trips somewhere in USA / Canada.

    Some Questions:
    From what little I've read, Medjet is described as Hospital to Hospital transportation.
    What if I fall off, break a few bones and am released from the ER. Would I be covered for the trip home?

    What If I am unable to communicate? Can my wife make the call and work with Medjet to get me home ?

    I am interested, but trying to envision the scenarios where I would use this.
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    Checkout SkyMed. Covers transportation from the scene of injury or illness (in your home or while traveling), hospital to hospital and hospital to home. Ships your bike to home and transports traveling companion as well.

    This is their rep who has in the past attended some MOA events and made presentations:

    Or their website:
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    What Kevin said!
    I’ve had both and am still on SkyMed. Unless terms have changed, MedJet requires that you be admitted to a hospital before transport coverage kicks in, and being treated at an ER or Insta-Care clinic may not qualify. Read the policies carefully…
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    I have MedJet through the MOA. So far I have not had occasion to use it so can't comment on the particulars of your question. You might want to give them a call; they are very accommodating.
    However, all that said, you need to be concerned with the cost of getting you from the incident location to a hospital.
    That cost can be significant especially if there is recue equipment required.
    I am covered directly through the Garmin owned service: GEOS.

    Good luck and get back on the road soon.

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    Just took a year policy from MASA Bought a year for my brother as well so we're covered on the upcoming 5 state 3 week trip in the US.

    They'll cover ambulance and air ambulance rides [ air rides can cost upwards of 100K ]. Once admitted to a hospital, there are provisions to get you moved to a local hospital in your AO. Another provision is they'll get your bike back to your AO as well.

    There's a lot of documentation that needs to be submitted, but all one has to do is get the bill from any ambulance ride and send it to MASA who will pay it. 29.00 a month
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