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Thread: 1150GS Noisy Fuel Pump

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    1150GS Noisy Fuel Pump

    Hello MOA,

    I recently had an Enduralast 43mm Fuel pump kit installed in my '02 GS. The original set up was a mess (disintegrated rubber hoses floating in the tank etc). I had the new kit installed by a local BMW dealer. The shop is reputable, and from my experience they do good work. Iím confident everything was done correctly. There was a turbine-like whine coming from the new fuel pump after install. You could hear it over the motor. EME was awesome and sent me a replacement. The new one was as loud the original. It sounds like a table-saw.

    - The pump sound is consistent. It doesnít change pitch as I ride.

    - The throttle response is snappy and smooth. The motor doesnít seem to be fuel starved. It felt fantastic on a recent ride in the mountains.

    - The sound is consistent no matter what the fuel level is.

    - The filter is brand new (came with the kit).

    I know some aftermarket pumps are louder than others. If it's the way this product sounds or if thereís a breaking-in period, Iíll live with it. If it sounds abnormal like a component is straining, Iíd like to know before Iím stranded. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you!

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    Some threads that may help are at the bottom of the page in the Similar Threads pane.

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    Did they replace the rubber mount for the pump? The noise you describe sounds like metal-to-metal vibration.
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    Anton, I don't think so. Excellent tip. Thank you.

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