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Thread: 2008 K1200GT/2009 K1300GT question.

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    2008 K1200GT/2009 K1300GT question.

    I saw a 2008 K1200 GT with 91,000 miles for sale parked across the barrier close to the Dunlop Tire center at the rally. I noticed it had the K1300 GT style fairings with the BMW roundel vent on the sides. I am assuming it didn't come from the factory this way, so for the sake of knowing are the 1200GT and 1300GT fairings interchangeable? I am assuming they must be and someone just changed them out maybe from crash damage. I have a K1300 GT and it caught my eye. It did say K1200GT on the emblems and for sale poster.

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    Yes, they are interchangeable. K1200GT main body panels are NLA so it’s common to see the newer panels used instead. And since they look better than the original slabs, might as well do both sides after a damage incident.

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    That's kinda what i thought. It did throw me off at first when i looked at it. Never saw who had it for sale.

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    Just picked up a 2006 1200GT as a parts bike for my brothers 07GT. He plans on keeping his forever, so the parts bike will keep his up and running for some time to come.

    Can't find diddly squat for the 1200GT's anymore. So buying the 06 solves dilemma's in the future.
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