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Thread: error codes help?

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    error codes help?

    I'm getting 4 error codes on my 2002 R1150RS (screenshots below) on which I could use some advice. Some context: A year ago I replaced the ABS unit with a used one, which ended up being a hybrid of the electronics from the old unit and mechanics of the used replacement. At this time the brakes work as they're supposed to - full stopping power front and rear and all the appropriate noises from the pumps. Since then, I do get a steady general warning light, and 4 hz blinking ABS light, but my mechanic has checked the brake performance and they are functioning well. The nearest BMW dealer is 180 miles, so I use a local shop that I trust and who are willing to work on BMW's, though that is not their specialty.
    What are the codes in these screenshots telling me, and what's the best approach to resolve them?

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    The motronic error codes are completely normal. Hall sensor 1 and 2 error codes appear if the engine wasnít turned over prior to checking. I donít have the 1150 so I canít comment on the ABS error codes.
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