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Thread: R50/2 Service Manual Recommendations

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    R50/2 Service Manual Recommendations

    I'm new to these bikes and just purchased a R50/2 (probably a 1963 build), and I'm looking for the best service manual to help maintain the bike. At this point, good basic guidance on basic maintenance is most important to me, such as correct fluid types and levels and general mechanical adjustments. I've seen several manuals on the market but would love input from those with experience. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum! Would love to see a picture when you get a chance.

    I would offer three different things. First Benchmark Works offers reprints of owners manuals that I remember. They were the go-to for vintage support. Check out the website. They were bought out by MaxBMW recently, but all their inventory is there so worth a check of the website, too. As far as a bit more maintenance, consider the Haynes or Clymer which are somewhat useful but I suspect have some errors. The "big book" for heavy maintenance is put out by Barrington Motor Works. Google that. They have a very large and detailed book on the /2 era.

    Let us know if you have any specific questions.
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    Thanks Kurt for the help. I'll follow up on those suggestions and probably get a few of them.

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