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Thread: K1300S Seat Height

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    K1300S Seat Height

    Does anyone know of a way to mechanically raise the seat height on the K1300S?

    Lower pegs are not an option with HP pegs on the Motorsports Edition. Upholsterers say the two tier sculptured seat might be tricky to add foam to. Custom seats maybe too expensive. Maybe not but that is my last choice. I’m comfortable enough on the stock seat but I would love 2” of leg room or whatever I can get.

    There are two aluminum posts at the rear of the tank to which the stock seat attaches. I was thinking of shimming those post to raise them and re-securing them with longer bolts. This might also fix the “nutcracker” effect of the slight seat slope as well.

    Thank you.

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    If you're going to the MOA Nation next week in Springfield Missouri ask one of the seat companies if they can add height to your stock seat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K1300Ser View Post
    Does anyone know of a way to mechanically raise the seat height on the K1300S?.... Thank you.
    Have you considered Helibars? They make a huge difference in leg room by providing a slightly more upright riding position.
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