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Thread: Valuation for 1958 R26

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    Valuation for 1958 R26

    I have owned this original condition (ran great 3 years ago) matching #s 1958 R26 for around 30 years. My husband has passed and I hate to see the bike gathering dust in the garage. I don't work on my bikes so I'm considering selling it to a better home. Can anyone give me a current valuation range for this bike?
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    Very nice looking, and well preserved bike! I found a price of around $5000 online somewhere. I looked at NADA and saw where a good bike was about $5400 and a very good bike was $9300. So, I'd guess trying or starting closer at the very good price and see how things go. I suspect you have maintenance records so that should be a plus.
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    Looks Like a Trophy Bike, Ms Moto!

    Maybe start with a post on the MOA Marketplace; like accepting Best Offers and see what you’re proffered...

    Here’s another Alternative:
    Folks watching this site have deep pockets, and most likely a trailer to drive to Washington state!

    I’d love such a terrific collectable, but the Tenn River valley is pretty far from U [and I don’t own a trailer or truck]....

    Good Luck!
    Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
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