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Thread: Timing 2018 R1200GS Rallye

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    Timing 2018 R1200GS Rallye

    Good evening Motorrad folks how do I check the timing on my 2018 GS Rallye?
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    Actually, this falls into the Wethead section……..I will move it there shortly.
    In the meantime, have a look at the Wethead forum section and the number of repair hints in the “sticky” section at the top.
    Good luck.
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    Is this what you are looking for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxflyer View Post
    Is this what you are looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Server Not Found
    That's weird. YouTube is up for me, and the video opened no problem...

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    Just edit the link to delete the extra http reference

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    This appears to be the page:

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    Thank you. I checked the time back at the 12,000 mile service and all was good, but now I've got what I suspect is a spark knock and I don't believe I've gotten any bad or low grade fuel. I will run this tank out and file it up with some high octane ethanol free gas from a known source. Hopefully that will do the trick. If not, I'll be pulling the value covers and checking the timing.

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    Last I checked there was a distinct difference between valve timing and ignition timing on many models of BMW motorcycles. On this model is ignition timing controlled off the cam shaft(s) or off the crank shaft? Does cam timing cause pinging on this model?
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    The ignition timing sensor is found on the left-hand camshaft. It would only change if loose or if, when someone last checked cam timing and did not position it correctly then. Very easy to check once the left hand valve cover is removed.
    As far as a pinging condition, yes try a higher octane gas to see if that helps. On the earlier Wetheads there was no knock sensor but on the later they incorporated the knock sensor which should "hear" the knock and adjust timing automatically. I'm not sure what year the knock sensor was added to the waterboxer but a 2018 "may" have this installed.


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    After checking 35 or 40 of them (1200's) now, they most probably are off from the factory. My 15 RT was and my 17.5 was. This can cause hard starts needing to push the button a second time to start. I personally have seen this resolved on many bikes after a correct cam alignment and cam position sensor setting. As one procedure needs to be done with the other, it is worthwhile to perform.
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    This is good information. I was having pinging under load and hard starting issues.

    I was going to tackle this to address my hard starting (having to push the button twice) and knock but after some digging I found a thread that said hard starting might be a fuel injector issue. After running a strong solution or Chevron Techron (Any PEA detergent would work) through my tank, it starts with one push and runs smoothly. I changed the plugs which were showing some serious wear after only 9K miles and the spark knock / ping seems way better too.

    There is NO replacement for the correct cam alignment etc. but this might be a good stop-gap for those with these issues.

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