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Thread: Navigator VI External Memory Question

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    Navigator VI External Memory Question

    I haven't seen an answer for this. My apologies if this has been covered. I'm trying to load up a bunch of MP3 files to an external memory card for this Navigator to have on tap. I've got them loaded and I even put them all in the root directory, but nothing shows up. The card is a 64gb card and I may question if that is too big to be recognized? It got formatted in exFat32 with the only other option NTFS (which I'm pretty sure it wouldn't recognize). Any tricks to this or is the card just too big?

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    Just from a device perspective, it quite often it needs a more universal format - See if there is a format option on the device you want to use it for, then go put it into the PC to add files. (Is the card showing up in the device at all, and just empty, or not appearing visible to the device at all?)

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    Needs to be formated to Fat32. This can't be done natively. Use this gui

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscs View Post
    Needs to be formated to Fat32. This can't be done natively. Use this gui

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    This was the 'trick' that it took! Thanks!

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    Never could get that to work . . .

    I never could get an external card to work in my Nav6 so just loaded in device memory.

    However, a post that I saw sometime before said that if you load one music file in device memory, then the memory cards will work. (I don't know if that actually works, but give it a try)

    PS: Based on the posts here I ordered a FAT32-formated card, will try that.
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    I've been using rufus to create fat32 usb or sd cards. It's available from their website or the microsoft store.
    Just delete the autorun files once the card is formated.

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