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Thread: Picking up the bagger

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    Picking up the bagger

    I have owned 3 previous K1600's. I got rid of them all because I thought it made me look "too old". So the other day I accepted the fact that I AM old and I bought a 22 K1600B It's been a bit since I have had a K1600 so if anyone has any "must have" or "must do" items for the bagger, I am all ears.

    Stay safe all!
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    I thought you were asking what to do if your K1600 fell over...uh, call for help? . That's the new one with the TFT, nice! I like that color. The first gen. K1600b and GA have a noticeable lag in the throttle when setting out. I wonder if they fixed that issue with the new engine tune/Euro 5 compliance?

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    Funny I feel younger when I ride my 2018 GTL . Congrats good looking ride. Add-onís front fender extender & grip puppies. Then ride it and see what you think you need.

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    Perhaps you’re way too kool on your B-model to add taxi-beads, but I like ‘em in the heat & the rain...

    YMMV; SlŠinte! HSV-Phil

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