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Thread: USAF Picks Up an old Bike

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    USAF Picks Up an old Bike

    I mean, if you have space in your C-130 and just happen to be flying by… why not?

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    There’s an update-

    Relevant bit on the outcome:
    When wing leadership found out about the motorcycle incident, they grounded the crew at Mather and sent another crew to pick up the aircraft and crew on March 28. All five of the crew members “were downgraded on crew qualifications and administrative actions have been served,” the 403rd Wing stated. The wing’s chief of public affairs, Lt. Col. Marnee Losurdo, said Air Force policy is to not release specifics on nonjudicial punishment. The motorcycle remains in California.

    “This personal stop was an abuse of government assets,” said Col. Stuart M. Rubio, commander of the 403rd Wing, in a statement. “We hold our reservists to the highest standards of conduct and these actions are not tolerated.”
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    Considering the shenanigans of late……..Meh. Here there is a concerted effort to ban “Nips”. “Here is your fiddle Emperor Nero”.
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