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Thread: Help, stuck in in Denver with a 1993 R100GSPD.

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    Rick, if you get a chance, keep us up to date on progress home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls1150 View Post

    Bavarian Motorcycles West 2312 South Delaware Street, Denver CO 80223
    (720) 570-2044 1423 S. Lipan Street, Denver CO 80223

    Moto Works Denver 2000 S Cherokee St., Denver CO 80223 (720) 485-5111

    Yeah, Pete is a fine mechanic. He helped me out 15 years ago on a trip through Denver....
    1973 R75/5

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    Well, just to finish up the story. I did not make it all the way home, just got to KC. However it was not the bike that broke down, it was me. Particularly through easter Colorado there were heavy wind gusts and even small dust storms that I had to ride through at 75mph. My throat started to hurt and by KC I couldn't even swallow. The strep test turned out negative, so the conclusion was that my body had an allergic reaction to all the dust and pollen. With steroids and other medicines it still took me about three days to get over it.

    I got the bike picked up and shipped home, should be here in a week. I started ordering some of the cosmetic parts that need replacing, but mostly it's going to be elbow grease and cleaners to start. I was thinking of selling it, cutting my loses and getting a better example, but I think it's going to be more rewarding to work on this one.


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    Boy I hate when my body is the weakest link in a ride, it happens more and more often the older I am getting. At least I am still able to ride.

    You made a good distance, better than I have done in a long time. Enjoy the wrench and restore. St.

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