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Thread: BMW Airvantage vest

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    BMW Airvantage vest

    Long ago - maybe 10 years + - I bought a BMW Airvantage vest. It was something of an impulse buy, but I soon discovered that the inflatable inner bladder made a huge difference in the effectiveness of my electric jacket liner. Worn over that, the inflated vest pressed the jacket liners warmth tightly against my chest in what seemed to have doubled the degree of heat I felt. I loved it!
    Love affairs hit the rocks now and again. This one did when the inflation bladder failed to hold air. What's all this history got to do with 2022, you ask?
    My internet search disclosed a source of this vest even today:

    anyone have recent experience with this? I'd buy another in a N.Y. Minute if I thought it'd be reliable.
    An afterthought: The Kenetsu (?) vest that Aerostitch currently sells seems to use the very same air bladder technology, in conjunction with electric heating elements. Are those vests reliable? Surely there are owners of those here on the forum.
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