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Thread: Four Corners Tour in 2022: Couple Questions

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    Four Corners Tour in 2022: Couple Questions

    I'm 73 and signed up to attempt the Southern California Mtcl. Assoc. "Four Corners Tour." I live in Western Colorado. I have 21 days, once I reach the first "corner" to get to Key West, FL., Madawaska, Maine, Blaine, WA, and finally San Ysidro, CA.

    I'm thinking my first leg is to Key West, then Madawaska. I'm very familiar with the routes in the western US, but am a neophyte with the east.

    May I have some advice on getting from Key West to Madawaska? I don't want to ride Interstates, but then time is a factor. So is safety and congestion.
    I'll be riding my 2016 R1200RS with a Russel seat.

    I might need oil change and tires after Madawaska, so any advice about a good dealer that takes care of folks "on the road' would also be helpful.

    I'm a dummy about how forums work, so you can email me direct at Thanks for any input.
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    US 221, 21 and 219 combine some decent riding while also going "through" quite a ways... starting at Marion, NC and heading northeast.

    US 11 is also a good road that basically parallels I-81.

    Also, not sure of the rules for your ride, but personally I would ride north of the Great Lakes and avoid Chicago when heading to the PNW.

    Is this the sort of riding you're looking for?

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    From CO, I would almost consider doing the corners clockwise rather than anti-clockwise, ending in Blaine.

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    If you find yourself on any of the numerous toll roads in the Northeast, you will want an ezpass compatible transponder. Most roads no longer have toll booths and charge by transponder or mail after photographing your vehicle and plate. The mail option can get real expensive really fast. NC uses quickpass, which is compatible. I donít know what your options are, but itís worth checking.

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    Avoiding interstates on the East coast could dramatically extend the length of time it will take you to get from Key West to Maine, so plan accordingly. What are you aiming for as a timetable? Temps in the south can become pretty brutal riding depending on the time of year, so you'll want that leg of the trip to be as early (or as late) as possible.

    Good luck!
    Larry Gregerson; Bend, OR
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